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How Can I Contribute?

     Getting the message out to voters throughout our great county is both challenging and somewhat expensive.  In addition to word-of-mouth and a door-to-door campaign, we plan to use direct mail, roadside signs, as well as, online and social media advertising to get the word out.  Please help us inform our citizens.

     1.  Contributing by Check:

  • Checks may be made out to:  Braun 4 Elbert
  • Mailing Address:  P. O. Box 641, Kiowa, Colorado, 80117

      2.  Contributions may be made online via your secure PayPal account or Credit Card  >>CLICK HERE<<

      3.  If you would like to contribute cash or provide a credit card number over the phone, please contact the campaign at: (303) 570-4890

     Note:  Contributions of $20 or more require both name and address of contributor. Additionally, for contributions of $100 or more require contributor's occupation and employer.

Campaign Finance and Donation Info 

     Information regarding the rules governing contributions to political candidates and campaign reporting.  You can find information of contribution limits, who and what entities can legally contribute to a campaign and how the campaign must record and report these contributions.  If you have any questions, please contact us at:

Who May Contribute

     As specified by Colorado Secretary of State Rule 10.16 as required by Art. XXVIII, Sec. 3(13) of the Colorado Constitution, contributions may be made by a Natural Person (Private Individual), Small Donor Committee, Political Committee, Political Party or Business Entity (See Rules for LLCs below) to county-level candidates.

     Campaigns may not accept contributions from other Candidate Committees, Issue Committees, Independent Expenditure Committees, Corporations, or Labor Unions. 

Maximum Contribution Limits

     House Bill 19-1007 established the contribution limit for county offices at $1,250 per individual for both primary and general elections ($2,500 for entire election season).

Reporting Requirements

     This campaign is committed to transparency and will meet all reporting requirements specified by the Secretary of State.  All contributions (monetary or "in-kind") of $20 or more will be listed in campaign finance reports with the contributor's name and address.  Additionally, contributions of $100 or more will be listed with the contributor's occupation and employer. Reports will be filed online and links will be placed on this page once submitted.  Reports of all contributions and expenditures are anticipated to be required in June, July, October, November, and December.  Additional reporting requirements and dates will be listed here as they are made available from the Colorado Secretary of State.

Special Considerations for Limited Liability Companies (LLC)

     Colorado law permits LLC contributions except in cases where any of the LLC members are a: corporation or labor organization, a natural person who is not a U.S. Citizen, a foreign government, or a lobbyist (professional or volunteer) or the principal of a lobbyist prohibited from contributing by C.R.S. 1-45-105.5(1). 
     If you wish to contribute via an LLC, please contact the campaign's Treasurer at  You will need to provide the campaign an document affirming that you meet the legal requirements to make a contribution in this manner. The campaign will maintain this affirmation in its records for a period of one year beyond the election date. 

Colorado Secretary of State - Campaign Finance Handbook

     This manual provides guidance for compliance with current campaign finance law in Colorado.  It was updated by the Election Office of the Colorado Secretary of State in January 2021.


     Rhonda is committed to total transparency both in her campaign and once elected to office.  You can find her campaign finance reports and other filings online >>Click Here<<



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